Chapter 3: Imperfect Tense and preterit Tense

Vocabulary 1
Pedir means to ask for or to order. There is no need for a preposition with pedir
Vocabulary 2
Preguntar means to ask for information.
Vocabulary 3
Verbs with embeded with prepositions
  • aprovechar (to take advantage of)/li>
  • esperar (to wait for)
  • buscar (to look for)
  • mirar (to look at)
  • conseguir (to succeed in)
  • pagar (to pay for)
  • escuchar (to listen to)
Grammar 1
Imperfect Tense Endings -ar
  • -e (yo)
  • aste(tu)
  • -o (el, ella, usted)
  • -amos (nostros)
  • -asteis (vosotros)
  • -aron(ellos, ellas, ustedes)
Grammar 2
Imperfect Tense Endings -er and ir
  • -i (yo)
  • -iste (tu)
  • -io (el, ella, usted)
  • imos(nostros)
  • isteis (vosotros)
  • -ieron (ellos, ellas, ustedes)
Grammar 3
Irregular Verbs in Imperfect Tense
iba (yo)era (yo)veia (yo)
ibas (tu)eras(tu)
veias (tu)
iba (el, ella, usted)era (el, ella, usted)veia (el, ella, usted)
ibamos (nostoroseramos (nostoros)veiamos (nosotros)
ibais (vosotros)erais (vosotros)veiais (vosotros)
iban (ellos, ellas, ustedes)eran (ellos, ellas, ustedes)veian (ellos, ellas, ustedes)
Grammar 4
Translation of Imperfect Tense
The imperfect tense can be translated as: was XXX, used to XXX, would xxxx
Grammar 5
Imperfect: Time, age, emotions, etc
The imperfect tense is used to express the following in the past:
  • Time of day
  • mental actions
  • Emotional Actions
  • descriptions
Grammar 6
Preterit Tense Endings
iban (ellos, ellas, ustedes)eran (ellos, ellas, ustedes)veian (ellos, ellas, ustedes)